Challenge Accepted!

This year, I have challenged myself in many different ways. While it is early in the month of January and I have only just begun with these personal challenges, I am more resolved than ever to accomplish them. There is just something different about my drive to make some changes in my personal life in order to be the best me I can possibly be!

This journey may be a personal one, I know that one of the keys to keeping up with resolutions, challenges, or goals is to have accountability during and reward when completed. So not only will I share some of my challenges for the new year to keep me accountable, but I will give you some insight as to how I came to make these a priority.

It is my hope that I can encourage others through my own personal journey and give insight to the process that I discover along the way.

The Creativity Challenge

One area that I really wanted to work on was sparking my creativity. I have often found that my desire to write has often ran into a wall of creative deficit! I know that many will call it writers block and I think there is something to that. However, I feel like there are some things that I can do that will get the creative juices flowing.

One such journey is described in the video below. I have entitled it the Journey to 300. Take a listen!


The man that I got the idea from shared that he wanted a place for him to not only create, but to challenge himself to have a daily discipline of making videos. His videos reminded me of the desire that I have to share my thoughts and voice in some type of outlet.

Since changing roles in my life from Pastor to the Church Ministries Director, I have had limited opportunities to do something that I really enjoy and that is encouraging and teaching others. While I know that I am where I am suppose to be in my life’s journey, I also know that God’s desire for my life is not just to fulfill the role, but also be a voice which impacts people’s lives.

It is my prayer and hope that I can encourage others to find their God-given creative voice.

At the start of the year, I have challenged myself in other key areas. But I am sharing those as we go along. After all, I need something else to talk about in the videos and through this blog!!

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Let me know what Challenges you gave yourself this year and how you are doing! Also, how do you keep your self accountable and what rewards have you set up for accomplishing those goals?



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  1. Wonderfully Real! It’s where we all live! You’re growth is evident Chad. You are “Rocking your Department!” I love you and Nyree and support you 100%.

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