Developing Consistency in Your Life

Has God ever put something in your heart that made you question whether or not you have the time or the energy to accomplish it? What do you need to do in order to develop healthy habits in your life? How will this help your physical, emotional, and relational needs in life? Developing consistency in your life is a necessity!

There are a great many things that I do simply out of habit. Some of them happen without great effort and others…well they challenge me. I am working on some of those habits after the first of the year that are challenging me to stay consistent. 

My latest blog post: Challenge Accepted talked about the start of this process!

Knowing (and have known for some time) that I needed to develop some healthy habits in my physical body.  Namely exercise!  While this has been on my mind for some time, I never had the willingness to simply start.  

Personal Challenges

This year, I made the commitment to exercise 6 days a week.  While this goal is something that I have not done consistently throughout my life, I know that it is a necessity.  So, I started a gym membership and have consistently gone to the gym to exercise.  Fulfilling my goal.  

When I began the process of establishing some new priorities after the first of the year, one of my biggest road blocks was simply starting. Have you ever needed to simply start and afterwards thought, why didn’t I do this sooner? I have many times! 

With that in mind, as God began to impress upon me to make some changes in key areas of my life, starting was the issue. But once I started, I wondered why I had not done this earlier! However, now that I have started, the challenge is to stay consistent.

Cosistency Begins with a Decision.

Consistency begins with a decision. That decision starts with establishing the “why”. If you have a big enough “why” then the decision becomes solidified in your mind. If you cannot answer the question of “Why are you doing this?  Then the excuses can become greater than developing the habit.

Consistency Requires Constant Exercise

Once the decision is made, then developing consistency in a particular area of life requires constant exercise.  Like a muscle, consistency has to be constantly worked on in order for it to become stronger.  It doesn’t mean that you won’t fail, but it does mean that the longer you continue to work on it, the stronger and healthier it becomes.  

Consistency Requires Help

The Psalmist tells us that God equips me with strength.  This means that God is our source of strength when we need to develop consistent habits in our lives.  You could say it this way:

  • God gives me the strength to be faithful
  • God gives me the strength to show grace
  • God gives me the strength to face fears
  • God gives me the strength to fulfill my mission
  • God gives me the strength to be healthy

You could continue the list indefinitely, but understand the thought.  It is not by my strength that God will work through my life to develop me into what I am intended to be.  Rather, God supplies and equips me with the strength that I need to accomplish what He puts in my heart.

What areas of your life do you need to develop consistency in?  Make the decision to start and let God equip you with the strength to accomplish it.  As you consistently rely on Him for your strength in any area of your life, you will find it easier to translate that into new areas that He may challenge you in.  

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