Just a word of encouragement!

Tonight as the TFA family gathered together to support and embody the vision that God has given us as a church, I came across a verse that gripped my heart and became the center point of the message that I shared with them. It is a verse that challenged the Israelites to move forward in rebuilding the temple, because their desire for building their own lives they had left the temple to another day.  As God implores them to build, He gives a promise:  “‘The latter glory of this house shall be greater than the former, says the Lord of hosts. And in this place I will give peace, declares the Lord of hosts.’” Haggai 2.9 (ESV)

As we look forward to building additional facilities in the future there is a promised blessing that is coupled with following God’s vision for us.  The future will be greater than the past.  As awesome as God has been to us in the past, I can only imagine what God has prepared for us in the future.  Not to mention the peace that He gives to those who follow His will!

In your life, you may be faced with challenges that may seem bigger than what you can handle, but if you are seeking and following God’s will for your life, this promise is for you as well.  God has a plan for your life and that plan includes his blessings that your future will be greater than your past not only in this life, but most certainly in the life to come.  As an added bonus, He gives peace to those who makes Him Lord of their lives. 

Put your trust in Him and make Him Lord of your life and you will experience His blessings, His Glory, and His peace!

True Stength is Found

During the summer season, vacations abound.  Many are finding much needed rest in very scenic locations.  Many of my friends on Facebook have been posting pictures of beaches, mountains, ships, and lakes giving  a glimpse into what people like to do as they desire to find rest and retreat from the stress of everyday life.  No doubt, vacations (or days of rest) are needed times to rejuvenate us for this quick paced, high stressed world.  But simply getting away and changing the environment is not the only key to finding the strength we need. 

The Psalmist looks to the mountains, in chapter 121, and begins to contemplate where his strength comes from.  Does it come from the mountains?  No.  He realizes that as great as the mountains are, His strength ultimately comes from God.  His relationship with God is the most important part of gaining strength for the challenges that face his life.   After all, God is the one who made not only the mountains, but also everything in the heavens and everything on the earth.  If God is strong enough to create all things, isn’t he able to give you strength to live life?  Certainly! 

Vacations and days off are an important part of gaining strength and refocusing on the challenges of life.  But don’t leave God out of the equation.  If you want to truly find rest…let God join you in your rest.  You will find that strength will abound with the Creator along! 


Leading and Learning

Today when I posted my daily proverb on twitter, I chose the scripture that says, “Without good direction, people lose thier way; the more wise counsel you follow, the better your chances.” (Prov 11.14 msg)   I have always found Proverbs to be a wealth of information and wisdom concerning life, but this morning as I meditated upon this passage, I am reminded of the fact that each one of us lead in one capacity or another.  We lead in our homes, workplaces, church, or even among our friendships. Our influence makes an impact in all our relationships whether they are for the good or bad.  Therefore if our desire is to lead in a positive way, we must make a commitment to learn.  A leader must be a learner!

As I have observed leadership in action, I have tried my best to learn those successful traits I see in others, and apply them to my own leadership. On the other hand, I have had the opportunity to observe bad leadership and have used it as an opportunity to learn what not to do! Typically those who lead positively, make every effort to invest in good counsel, to constantly be learning.  On the other hand, bad leadership usually knows it all and will not recieve counsel.  Leadership is not about having all the answers, rather it is about recieving good counsel so that it can be passed on.

May you develop the life long discipline of learning so that your leadership may have a positive impact on a world around you!