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The Journey Day 11 ~Resting The Mind By Working With Hands

One of the things that I have learned over the past several weeks is something that I have always known but just didn’t practice intentionally! Click the video below and find out! Join in the series by following The Journey Playlist! Make sure to…


The Journey Day 8 ~Being a Good Steward of Life

Check out the other videos in the Journey 300 playlists!

The Journey Day 7 ~ Enjoy the Journey of Life #dailyvlog

The Journey Day 3 ~Being a Good Steward of Opportunities


Making Tough Leadership Decisions in Difficult Times

Principles to help guide decision concerning the church and leadership during difficult and challenging times.

2019 Light for the Lost Tour—Weather, Full House, and Faith Extended

It’s always interesting to me to watch small churches have big dreams when it comes to missions. These missions-minded pastors and churches make incredible efforts and extend their faith in surprising ways. They believe that God can do big things if they will have faith and trust.

2019 Light for the Lost Tour—WWII Vet, Next Generation, and Planning the Future

Weatherford October 21, 2019 Chickasha October 22, 2019 Oklahoma City October 24, 2019 OK so I have combined three of our Light for the Lost banquets into one blog post. Why? Well, life happens! 😉 Light for the Lost Tour Light for the Lost…

2019 Light for the Lost Tour-Vision, Faith, and Generosity

October 17, 2019 @ Cordell New Beginnings Continuing on this journey called the Light for the Lost tour, an annual fundraising tour of the state, we enjoyed a fantastic night at Cordell. I am so blessed by the many volunteers who willingly give up…

2019 Light for the Lost Tour– Storms, Surprises, and Illustrations

I’ve always looked forward to Oklahoma Light for the Lost Banquets for several reasons. Meeting with missions minded pastors and congregations, watching incredible volunteers serve, getting to know missionaries who travel along with us, watching people extend their faith in giving, and the many…

2019 Light for the Lost Tour-The beginning

Reporting from the road during our 2019 Light for the Lost tour. Praising God, thanking partners, and envisioning what could be through our missions efforts around the world!