All of my life, I grew up around ministry and had a front-row seat to the joys and challenges that many rural pastors face around the nation.  My grandparents pastored churches in small farming communities throughout Colorado and Kansas.  As I spent time with them, their love for the people and the community showed through every day.

Today as I reflect on my own ministry, I am often reminded of my Grandparent’ example of small-town leadership and how I can apply it to my ministry and life.  They taught me early that my satisfaction in ministry does not come from the size of the community that I minister in but in the faithfulness of working the area of the vineyard that God has allotted to me.

I have ministered in a variety of support positions throughout my early years of ministry. While none of those positions were full-time or paid well, I knew that God was developing in me a love for the church and the small communities in which I resided.  These times were valuable to my development as a minister of the Gospel!

In 2001 we accepted the position of Pastor in the small community of Tecumseh, Ok.  This formative time in our lives was supported by dear people in the church and community that we could develop deep relationships.  We found that the ministry of a small community was one of the most rewarding opportunities that we have had in our lives!

Currently, we serve the Oklahoma District Council of the Assemblies of God as the Church Ministries Directors.  Along with the many responsibilities that come with the position, we have had the privilege to speak at churches, small groups, missions events, children’s services, and many more.  While God has blessed us with opportunities that we could not have imagined, we are humbled that He would use a small-town kid to do His work in the kingdom!

If there is anything that we can do to serve in partnership with you in your local church, please contact us and let us know! Email:

May God bless you!