Imitating Christ: Journey to 300~ Day 46

Imitating Christ in our love is displayed by our willingness to give ourselves to serve others in worship to God!

3 Ways to Realign Our Soul: Journey to 300~ Day 35

There seems to be a theme that is consistent through many of the messages, blog posts, and articles that have been shared lately.  It is a theme that may be a product of what we are experiencing in the world today, or it could be what God is speaking to the church.  Regardless, I believe that God's desire is for us to realign our soul with Him on a regular basis.

Journey to 300~ Day 30: Take Heart God Knows!

There is no way that our limited comprehension could understand all that God knows and does.  We are limited by our human capacity to understand every detail of God's knowledge and plan.  Regardless of how far our technological advances go, they will pale in comparison to God's unlimited capabilities.