Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered. Proverbs 11.25 (ESV)

I have a lot of great memories of my childhood and often think back to those experiences which shaped my life and helped guide and direct my decisions and character as an adult. These influences have come from many different sources, my parents, grandparents, teachers, pastors, employers, and friends. I am so grateful for all those who were willing to make an investment of their time, energy, love, compassion, wisdom and understanding.

As I read Proverbs 11.25 this morning, I couldn’t help thinking of these individuals. One common characteristic of those who have made the efforts to be an investor of blessings into my life, seemed to have the blessing of God resting on their life. In other words, they seemed to walk in the favor of the Lord as they made deposits of blessing into someone else’s life. This isn’t be accident. In fact, God has promised to return the favor in our lives when we take the initiative to be a blessing!

It is my prayer, that I would be a blessing to my family, congregation, friends, and community. That I spend my life investing in others. That they are enriched because of my involvement in their lives.

May we live our lives as an investor of God’s blessings, by sowing into the hearts and lives of others.

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