I’ve always looked forward to Oklahoma Light for the Lost Banquets for several reasons. Meeting with missions minded pastors and congregations, watching incredible volunteers serve, getting to know missionaries who travel along with us, watching people extend their faith in giving, and the many unexpected surprises that happens all along this journey. 

Great Coffee, Tea, Atmosphere!

Tuesday October 15th, 2020 we had an incredible but interesting night for our second stop on this year’s Light for the Lost tour. We stayed the night in Durant and spent the day working remotely from Hot Shots Coffee shop. Great coffee, tea, atmosphere and wonderful employees made it a great afternoon!

And nearly 5 o’clock our phones alerted us that there was a significant weather warning for a storm that developed north west of Durant. When it blew through, heavy rains lightning, strong winds accompanied the  storm. Strangely enough only part of the electricity in the coffee shop went out and it would stay that way until we left!

We had a short break between storms, so we decided to make a run for the church to get unloaded and ready for the banquet. However, by the time we got to the church it was raining again. We unloaded the vehicles, and found out that part of the lights were out in the fellowship hall where we were meeting due to the storm. We joked that it would be a romantic missions banquet!

It was our hope that the storms would not keep our churches from attending. However, the room filled up fairly quickly! So thankful that so many of our pastors and churches were able to attend!

Lights Out!

We had a great night and as I was finishing up my presentation, we were showing our last video before receiving faith promises. All of a sudden, all of the electricity went off! Except for a emergency light behind me and a couple cell phone flashlights, we were pretty much in the dark.

Working on regaining the room and moving forward with receiving faith promises, I brought everything to a close fairly quickly. When it was time for people to fill out their promise cards, cell phones came to life to light up each card. It was a great illustration of people living in darkness and now finding the light of Jesus! Thank you God for the great illustration of what Light for the Lost does!

Thanks to:

Special thanks to Gary Dotson (Men’s Rep), Jimmy Keith (Presbyter), Michael Bradley (host Pastor) and the incredible volunteers at Believers Church for putting on such a great banquet. I couldn’t do it without you!

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