October 17, 2019 @ Cordell New Beginnings

Continuing on this journey called the Light for the Lost tour, an annual fundraising tour of the state, we enjoyed a fantastic night at Cordell. I am so blessed by the many volunteers who willingly give up a weeknight to come and serve. These volunteers are some of the cream of the crop!!

This tour consists of 12 banquets that we host across the state of Oklahoma. Each one has basically the same menu…steak, potato, salad, side, and desert. Each steak team that comes in, brings a large cooker and they grill them right outside the doors of the church. There is nothing better than the smell of the steaks grilling to make you want to support LFTL!! 😂

Starting a diet before tour has really tested my resolve especially when there is chocolate cake involved! Last night was a real test of will power as the cake grew larger and larger as the night went on!!


During this tour, I have been sharing my vision for Oklahoma Light for the Lost and giving thanks to the churches and supporters. I have been so grateful for the many who have caught the vision of LFTL and generously give. Our missionaries are certainly blessed, those who receive the gospel are transformed, and I get to watch it happen!

It is always amazing to see people get behind the vision of the projects that we are presenting. People moved with compassion for the need, responded in a big way. It’s as if God begins to open eyes and hearts and they see the opportunity that He is presenting.

I am thankful to be a part of facilitating this step in the process!


Each banquet ends with a call for a faith promise. It is the culmination of the work of the Holy Spirit to guide each person and for them to step out in faith to follow. Much of the time, I am so blessed to see people being used by God to fulfill a faith-filled promise.

In reality, it isn’t a leap in the darkness to ask the Holy Spirit for direction and follow His leadership. I have full assurance that what He says for us to do, He will provide for it’s fulfillment. Besides, He has already proven himself many times over in our lives as one who keeps His promises to us!


A mark of any believer who serves the Lord, is their willingness to be generous to others. It’s a part of our Kingdom mandate and the DNA of our relationship with Christ.

Because we are to be kingdom minded, then everything we do in this life must be geared toward the Kingdom. In other words, our treasure is given to us as a stewardship for Kingdom purposes!

Where we get ourselves into trouble is when we tie up all of our treasure on things that do not serve the Kingdom, thereby forfeiting our ability to give. This tragedy happens more often than not.

However, positioning ourselves to be generous to the Kingdom and to others requires us to take a look at what we spend our wealth on.

As believers we must ask the question, “What is it that God wants to do and how can I make sure that happens.” Click To Tweet

It may be scary at times and certainly goes against the norm. Yet God says that he will provide shelter, clothing, and food as we follow his will! Be generous!


Special thanks to Mike Southerland (Men’s Rep and Host) and Arlis Moon (Presbyter) for doing such a great job in Section 12. I appreciate their heart for LFTL and for the pastors, churches, and people of southwest Oklahoma. What a blessing!


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