Every blog and article that I have read about writing has focused on finding your voice. It really had me thinking about the voice and how important it is to use it intentionally.

For the time we have here on earth, God has given us the privilege of talking about His Kingdom! To share the good news that Jesus has paid the price to redeem us from the penalty of sin!

The cool thing about it is that God uniquely designed us with ways we can partner with the Holy Spirit to share the message.

John the Baptist was not only uniquely gifted but was also available when the time was right to prepare for Christ’s ministry. It was foretold that he would prepare the way even though it didn’t name him specifically in the prophecy.

Regardless, his message and ministry provided the preparation for the coming Messiah. His willingness to be used by God impacted those who heard him in person and by proxy every generation since.

We never know the impact we will have when our gifts are submitted to the Lord. Whether you speak, write, or sing, letting God utilize the gift he gave you honors God.

Pray that God will help you develop the gift and be brave enough to share it with others. He created you for the purpose of living a full life, doing what he created you to do.

As you submit your gift and life to him, he will provided the opportunities. Who knows how many people you will impact through your voice!



(This post is short because I wrote it on my phone!)

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