The need for relationship in leadership positions is often a neglected component that many leaders feel they do not have time for.  The busyness of the tasks of which they fill their days with have often pushed out the all important task of building relationship.  Whether it is with their team, their customers, their family, or in my case, in the area of ministry…their congregants.  Too often the all important responsibility to get to know those who we work for, work with, or minister to can easily be swallowed up with tasks that could easily be delegated to others within the organization or church.

Over the years, as I have observed pastors and leaders, I have noticed a trend.  Many leaders are so concerned with the success that is determined by numbers, they often find themselves isolated from the people they serve.  This isolation puts the leader in danger of depression, anxiety, burnout, and being relationally starved.  Those who find themselves isolated must find a way to reverse the trend.  How?

1. Adjust your schedule to allow for relationships–Add in time for impromptu relationship building

2. Delegate responsibilities that others can fill–free up your time to make contacts through phone calls, emails, cards, and visits.

3. Make your time spent with family and friends your highest priority–these are the most important earthly relationships you have, make sure you spend quality time with them.

It is my prayer that I will continue to learn what to delegate in my ministry so that the all important responsibility to know people and have relationship with them will be the hallmark of my leadership and ministry.  The greatest success anyone can have is quality relationships!

What are you doing to build relationships?

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