Leadership: Being True To Who You Are

We must learn common leadership principles, but power is released as we become true to our God-given personalities–Harold Myra

Every leader is a unique individual! I know that is not a ground breaking statement, but it is a necessary principle that each leader needs to grasp.  Too often we attempt to make ourselves a copy of a great leader that we want to emulate only to find that we fall short of their success.  Why?  Because we are not them!

Certainly development and growth is a necessity in the life of the leader and the way to do that is through observation and application of general principles we see in others.  However, to simply copy another leaders style of leadership will not guarantee success.  Every principle we learn must be processed through our own individual personalities and strengths.

God created the world with such incredible diversity and that diversity is exactly how God wants our churches, businesses, and positions to be handled.  Never blindly mimicking another leader, but striving to be who God created you to be and develop your strengths and talents.  You will find that “hitting your sweet spot” in leadership comes much easier by being you!


4 Comments on “Leadership: Being True To Who You Are

    • Your right…the only way that we can lead others in a positive direction, begins when we understand who God created us to be. If we don’t understand this principle first, we cannot lead others effectively. Thanks for your comment!

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