In a previous post, I shared the goal that I had set to write 300 blog posts in the next 365 days. While this goal may seem to the average writer, an easy goal to set. to anyone else it may seem to be crazy and a set up for failure.

Regardless of what side of the fence that you are on in this equation, it is what it is!

Most of the time when I have set goals for myself, I have had two hard and fast rules to apply. Never start a goal on January 1st, and never tell anyone about your goal! This has often served me well so that I can keep my failures to myself!

Why set the goal and what was the inspiration?

Well, I am glad you asked (even if you didn’t)! Several years ago I ran across a YouTuber that had started a series entitled “The Road to 300.” He was a full-time Rv’er which piqued my interest. I also wanted to see the journey that he was on to accomplish this and other goals he had established.

I watched regularly to see if he accomplished the goal and hopefully glean some insight about being on the road, exploring the most amazing places across our nation. Additionally, I watched him through highs and lows of life in general.

He did reach his goal of 300 videos and accomplished it in 300 days! He didn’t stop there and went on to make a whopping 1000 videos in 1000 days! He crushed the goal!

He inspired me to do my own challenge and it lasted a whopping 30 days….

Why now?

Partly because it is not the 1st of January! 🤣 But also there is a deeper push to do so! I believe that God has put this desire in my heart to write and in order to hone this skill, I must write!

This is not a desire that has happened since the first of the year, rather it is something that has been brewing in me for many years. Over the past several years, I have had the desire, but was devoid of any inspiration to write at all!

Aside from writing an article every month for our district magazine, the occasional letter, and countless emails, I have not ventured out into blog writing much. So, I start this journey with much fear and trembling!

The time is now!

Regardless of the past attempts, I will once again venture on this journey and see where it takes me. It is my hope to not only inspire and encourage others in their journey of faith, but to help me grow in my own personal relationship with the Lord.

If you are like me, exploring your skills and longing for a deeper relationship with God. Come along in the journey with me! Would love to share this road of life with you!



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  1. Chad, blessings in your journey. Looking forward to reading your blog and seeing how the Spirit of the Lord is leading you. I’ll do my best to be a good cheerleader!

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