And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.

Philippians 1:6

Watching (and napping) during a football game is a regular occurrence for me. Partly because I love the physical and strategic aspects of the game. But also because every person that is on the field plays a vital role in the success of the team.

Additionally, the success of the team also rests with the coaching and support staff as well. When each person fulfills their assigned position, the whole group benefits and produces positive results.

However, one aspect of the team that is often overlooked but yet so crucial is the group of people who are up at the top of the stadium observing the game from high above. These often consist of assistant coaches who help those on the field with perspective.

I admit that at times in my life, I have lacked the perspective I needed for many of the challenges that I have faced. Sometimes as leaders, if we do not take a moment and look at the bigger picture, we can become too narrowly focused and could make major decision mistakes.

Because we are so limited in our view, we need the input of a new perspective in our lives. Mentors, coaches, and trusted advisors could (and do) play a vital role in our growth both personally as well as professionally.

For the believer, we also need individuals that can help us with perspective in our spiritual lives. Those who have the experience to warn us about potential dangers, and can be honest enough to call us out when needed.

Additionally, we also need the connection with our Heavenly Father to help us with perspective. Because God in his infinite knowledge and understanding knows exactly what we need to do to face the challenges and decisions that are presented daily.

He has the perspective that looks beyond our present and into the future for us personally as well as eternally in the Kingdom. What he knows is best for us he will accomplish in light of the purposes and plans in the Kingdom.

When we begin to see that he is the source of all wisdom and understanding, we can go to him for this rich resource. In so doing, we can trust that what he started doing in us from the beginning of our relationship with him, he will bring to completion.

Whatever you are struggling with today, know that God has a perspective of what is happening that is all-encompassing. He knows how to do good in your life and use you to accomplish his purposes for you. Trusting him is the key.

I invite you to take time to listen for the prompting of the Spirit in your life and allow him to reveal his heart to you. He may give you the next step. He may comfort you in your time of need. He may put someone in your path that will be a mouthpiece of his wisdom.

Regardless, of what God starts, he will bring to completion! Trust Him with the process and the end result. He is working even if we don’t always see it.



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