Our soul waits for the Lord; he is our help and our shield. Psalm 33:20 (ESV)

Every day, I have to constantly remind myself to find rest in faith.  At the same time, I am also having to remind myself of the joy that is found in the consecration of my life to God.  Both of these are key to the growth that I have in Him.

There is a great blessing that comes with giving your will to God and that there is nothing that will hinder his grace and mercy in your life.  To know that He is actively involved in the growth of your spiritual life, molding you for the purpose of which designed.

The Psalmist reminds us that when we wait on God, we are helped and protected.  He longs to be our source when we don’t know what to do, especially when the enemy is at our door.

I find that when I wait on Him, He will accomplish His will in His time.  While this is difficult at times, I know that I can trust that he will accomplish his purposes in my life.  Additionally, he will also work his purpose in the lives of those around me.

Certainly, I understand that free will can and does rise up, but we must keep our relationship experience fresh.

I long for more of the presence and the characteristics of Christ to continue to grow in my life.  His desire is to work in my life, my responsibility is to simply wait on him.  The word promises that when I wait, he will work.

We’re depending on God; he’s everything we need. Psalm 33:20 (The Message) Click To Tweet

God is working even when I don’t see it.  He is touching hearts and lives even when there seems to be no movement.  Even if the answer to my deepest prayers has not been answered yet, when I wait for him I should also trust him.

There have been prayers that I have earnestly sought God for that have not been answered.  Yet Isaiah 30 brings great comfort when it says: “Therefore the Lord waits to be gracious to you, and therefore he exalts himself to show mercy to you. For the Lord is a God of justice; blessed are all those who wait for him.” Isaiah 30:18 (ESV)

At times, God is merciful in his delay for a reason.  Usually, it is for an eternal purpose of which I don’t see yet.  But if I will wait and find my rest in Him, how blessed I will be.



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