Today, I wanted to share a few links that I came across this week that were encouraging and instructive. These ministry quick links are for ministers to enrich their leadership or open their hearts to new ministry opportunities. Simply click on the article title to be directed to these articles. Enjoy! Why Church Attendance Matters More To Your Denomination Than It Should To You As Russia Invades Ukraine, Pastors Stay to Serve, Pray … and Resist 7 Characteristics of Long-Term Pastors Who Don’t Give Up Easily Three Gifts a Mentor Offers

A partner ministry called Backyard Orphans: Ministry Multiplied

These are just a few ministry quick links that I found this week. In the weeks to come, I am planning to start collecting a few more that I hope will be a blessing!

If you have come across a ministry resource or a great article that would encourage others, let me know! I would love to collaborate with you to enrich ministry! We are better together and if we can partner together we are more effective!

It begins with Christ!

If you don’t know Christ as your savior, it all begins with the first step. Committing your life to serve Him is the greatest decision you will make in your life! For more information on serving the Lord: CLICK HERE!



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