Starting a new year and I have been reviewing some of my photos that I have taken over the past year. While it has been a difficult year for everyone, I have intentionally focused on the good things that have happened and the memories that have been made!

Looking back at some of the pictures that I have taken have reminded me of some of the good times that we have had during the year. I wanted to share some of these photos if for nothing else, to keep a reminder of these good times. Additionally, I hope that sharing the pictures will be an encouragement that there are good things to enjoy!

As you will notice, many of my favorite pictures and memories have to do with the outdoors. It is one of my favorite places to be and explore. There are few things in life that I find more enjoyable and refreshing than spending time in nature!

Meeting Monte Coleman

Monte Coleman-Washington Redskins Linebacker 1979-1994
Super Bowl Champion!

Early in the year I attended a leadership conference for our denomination and had the opportunity to meet, visit, and take a picture with Monte Coleman. It was great to hear his testimony of how God is using him today to encourage athletes and men in general to have a relationship with God. Living a life of endurance regardless of what the world throws at them.

Oklahoma Governor’s Prayer Breakfast

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt Prayer Breakfast

Attending the Oklahoma Governor’s Prayer Breakfast was a real treat. Governor Stitt came and visited with us for a few minutes, taking time to pose for a picture with us. It was great to be able to hear his heart for the state and how God was leading him in his personal and public life.

Oklahoma Storm Clouds

Storm Clouds in Oklahoma

This picture is not uncommon in Oklahoma as we typically have a lot of strong storms that come through during the spring. But the colors in the clouds this evening was so gorgeous. The sun was setting at the same time these clouds were passing to the south of us. I love watching the clouds!

Western Nebraska Plains

Western Nebraska Plains

This picture was taken at the first stop of our trip to Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, and then on to Mt. Rushmore and Custer State Park. It was taken while we boondocked in our Travel Trailer at my sister’s house. Spending the weekend hanging out with them was fantastic and the views, especially at sunset was beautiful!

Grand Tetons/Yellowstone

This has been one of my favorite places that we have had the privilege of visiting and camping in. We have especially loved hanging out in the Grand Tetons as one of the most beautiful mountains and lakes that we have seen. This was our second trip there and I look forward to going back again someday!

Vacationing with Nyree and Miriam

Miriam joined us on this trip which was a lot of fun! This was the first time that she has been to this part of the country. It was great to spend some time together exploring the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Mt Rushmore, and Custer State Park.

Breaking Down and Meeting Generous People

On the way home from our trip, we broke down and had to wait on a part to be overnighted to us. A couple invited us to their farm where they provided food and transportation as well as hookups for the night. It was such a blessing to us! It reminded us that there are still good people who are generous with what they have. They told us that they were doing it because of Jesus!

Oklahoma Ice Storm-A Frozen Rose Bush

The last picture I loved for the year is this one of a frozen rose bush. A freak ice storm came through and covered everything with a layer of ice. This picture came out as one of my favorites during the storm!


2020 had a lot of challenges but it also had some bright spots. I am so thankful for the experiences and look forward to creating more in 2021. With all that is going on in the world, find ways to explore and take in nature. It is a great encourager and refreshment to the body and soul!

Blessings on your 2021.

What about you?

Do you have any plans that involve the outdoors in 2021?




  1. What a great way to take a positive look at this past year. Sharing gratitude is contagious.

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