Let’s face it, ministry today is challenging. With all that is going on in the world and church, many ministers are struggling with staying healthy in ministry. So, how do we create solid spiritual disciplines for ministry health?

Over the past several years, I have had the privilege of serving our denomination in a district leadership position. During that time, we have heard some amazing testimonies of what God is doing through our ministers and churches.

But I have also heard the heart-wrenching stories of ministers who have struggled in their churches, communities, and homes. Ministerial failure is such a concerning trend that is happening today.

Factoring in the pandemic, social and political pressures, and the decline in church attendance, ministers are under a lot of pressure from all sides. It is easy for the minister to be so overwhelmed with the needs around them, that they neglect their personal foundations to stay healthy.

In this post I am going to cover the first and most important element of the minister’s personal life. Their spiritual foundation. It is this foundation that ministerial effectiveness is built upon. Let me share with you five keys to spiritual health.

5 Spiritual Disciplines for Ministry Health

Maintain DAILY prayer and time in the Word.
Cultivate the Valuable Spiritual Disciplines of Prayer, Fasting, Sabbath, and Sabbaticals.
Invest in Growing Through Continuing Education, Skill Development, and Focused Study.
Guard the Integrity of the Heart by Having Pastoral Support and Mentorship.
Establish Church Guidelines for Needed Counseling, Retreats, and Support.


Ministry is one of the greatest opportunities that God has called us to. Staying healthy in the ministry provides longevity to the journey that God has planned for your life.

My prayer is that you will determine to keep your heart and life healthy. God’s will for your life should never be shortened by our failure to take care of ourselves.

Partnering in the Journey,



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