Today has been a busy day of travel and teaching for the School of Ministry that we host.  This is a monthly event that we do to train those who are getting credentials with our denomination.  We provide the courses that are required and help them fulfill their calling through training.

I had the responsibility to teach Homiletics for today’s course.  Helping students to develop the skill of preparing and delivering sermons. While I am not the best at homiletics, it was challenging for those of us who do preach and for those beginning.  It was fun to talk about the skill development and preparation needed to preach the gospel.

Each time I teach this and other courses in the school of ministry, it challenges me to do better in my own study and prep.  It is a reminder that regardless of how long we have been doing ministry, we always need to be learning.  There is always room for improvement!

Let’s challenge ourselves to keep moving forward and being the best we can possibly be.  In doing so we honor the Lord with the gift that he has blessed us with.  We also bless those that we minister to when we improve.

What a great privilege that God has given to us that we can improve the gift by studying and practicing.  In doing so, we become a good stewards of the sacred gift of communicating the gospel.



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